Keeping the B-2 Invisible

B-2 stealth bombers get meticulous makeovers

The B-2 has been called one of the greatest achievements in military technology since the atom bomb. But keeping the massive, bat-winged plane from being detectable by radar is no easy task. It's not cheap, either.Overhauling a stealth bomber, which must be done every seven years, costs $60 million, on average, and usually takes a year.


  1. Great. The world’s greatest hangar queen gets a makeover.

    The Spirit is the biggest waste of time since WW1 battleships. Both times the craft in question were too expensive to put into actual harm’s way.

    For those who would cite the B-2’s performance in dropping smart bombs in Iraq & Afghanistan, I would point out that B-1s and BUFFs do a much more effective and cheaper job, especially the latter.

  2. B-2 is a plane without a mission. The first strike capability is a good thing to have, and no doubt puts the fear into our enemies when they think about starting trouble, I just think about how much else could be bought with the cash sunk into that program over the last twenty plus years.

    Nowadays, with our near total domination of any airspace, you could put JADAMs on a 747 and kick them out of the door and still get the same results.

    1. Nadnerbus, I would prefer using a B-52 myself, but I’m old school that way. 🙂

      If memory serves, the last time a B-52 was shot down was back in 1972

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