Strange Military Bases

The World’s 18 Strangest Military Bases at


  1. I was actually at 2 of those sites last weekend!

    I’m 20-30 miles as the crow flies (or the germ floats or the gamma ray radiates) from Site R and Ft Dietrich. And coincidentally or not, Camp David is just about smack dab between the two.

    Every now and then when the weather is nice, I’ll take a top down drive around the two, and look for aliens and such….

    And my father helped build Site R back in the 50’s. He worked for the company that drilled the holes for cables and such. He still has some of the cores as decorations in his garden. That mountain is covered with a massive layer of greenish rock called Tuscarora Quartzite, and it is supposedly 10X harder than granite.

  2. Heh, Ravenrock makes a guest appearance in the game Fallout 3 as the base of ops for “The Enclave”, a super secret organization bent on national rebuilding and domination 200 years after a nuclear excange.
    Yah, I know, I’m a game geek. I just thought it was cool that it was a real place, at least partially tasked with government continuance after a national disaster of nuclear proportions, and that was kindof the purpose it was tasked for in the game. Some of these game guys really do their research.

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