F-15 Eagles to Boneyard

More than 100 Eagles — 112 — are headed to the boneyard, nearly half of 259 perfectly good aircraft that Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants to retire from service. The rest of the 500-plus planes in the fleet will be upgraded, but those being retired will not be replaced.

from Air Force Times


  1. I get the feeling a whole lot of rebuilding will be needed starting in 3 years. Just like the mess the Reagan Administration found in ’81.

    1. That rebuilding effort you mention is basically a follow-on cost to the costs already incurred in Afghanistan and Iraq. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to take to replace all the ground vehicles and aircraft that have accumulated the equivalent of 20 years of peacetime work during the past 8 years. Given the current state of our debt levels, I don’t see any Reagan-type buildup in our future.

  2. If a threat military with a few hundred Air Superiority Fighters and/or Strikers catches us off guard with an Air Force THIS small — stretched thinly and evenly across more than 15 countries on 3 continents — we’re looking at a Cadmean victory in the air….. if we’re even THAT lucky.

  3. “…259 perfectly good aircraft…”

    What utter BS. I looked at the planes being retired personally. They’re not even close to ‘perfectly good’. For example, one of them had worn tires. Another had a lamp in the cockpit that was burned out. Yet another had two scratches on it.

    Perfectly good. Poppycock!

  4. F-15’s are the best fighters in the air. They should do the old IRAN (Inspect and Repair As Necessary) rebuilds like we used to do in the 70’s & 80’s. Unless there is metal fatigue in core areas, they should be re0-built. The clunker F-22’s aren’t as versitile, fast or well armed as the F-15. Further there are only a handful of them used only as interceptors…

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