Totally Disappointing

Amid crises, Obama declares war — on Arizona

On June 3, the president, under criticism for refusing to meet or even talk to [Arizona Governor Jan] Brewer, reluctantly granted her an audience in the Oval Office. After the meeting, Brewer told reporters Obama pledged that administration officials would come to Arizona within two weeks with details of plans to secure the border.

June 17 marked two weeks, and there were no administration officials and no plans. There still aren't. “What a disappointment,” Brewer told van Susteren. “You know, when you hear from the president of the United States and he gives you a commitment, you would think that they would stand up and stand by their word. It is totally disappointing.”

“Totally disappointing” describes a lot of what’s going on.


  1. Thanks for posting on this topic. This is the major reason I don’t support wasting blood and treasure overseas when we can’t, and won’t, defend our own borders.

  2. Totally Disappointing as well it seem to me obama is a danger the freedom and PEACE OF OUR COUNTRY

  3. Brewer met w/ someone from DHS yesterday, and the new Obama plan calls for deploying just over 500 troops to the border to help w/ surveillance.

    300 odd miles of border w/ 500 troops. One trooper per 3/4 mile. But that only assumes that all of the troops are on duty 24×7.

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