More on Striker Brygade

A couple of days ago I noted a Master of None post about some striking grocery workers in California who were wearing a shirt that said

Never forget

The strike apparently began on that date. It apparently isn’t an isolated case, but it isn’t clear to me if the union or individuals are behind it. I was offended, and wrote as much.

A reader commented yesterday

I’m not sure I understand. No one can not forget anything other than 9/11, specifically the one in 2001?

To be honest, this offends me more than the shirt. I don’t expect much from a striking California grocery worker. But I would think that someone not caught up in the middle of a bad situation would see things more clearly. (Unless the writer is one of the strikers, maybe?) This is either defense of those who are wearing those shirts, an attack on those who are offended by the shirts, or both. This is my response, copied straight from the comments of the original post

People are certainly allowed to remember anything they want in any manner that they wish. They just don’t have to be taken seriously about it. You want to act like an idiot? Better be prepared to get called an idiot.

Since the neither my post nor the comments section mentions either “9/11” or “2001”, I’m taking it that you made the connection on your own without assistance. Since you, who claim not to understand, obviously understand very clearly, I’m sure that most other folks also understand.

Free speech allows the strikers to say whatever they want, even to the point of oh-so-cleverly borrowing a turn of phrase that everyone else associates with a terrible day, and using it to further their personal cause. Although not very knowledgeable about the details, the continuous grocery-worker strikes in California seem to be a shameful application of organized labor tactics. I’m insulted by (what I consider) their gall to compare their “plight” to what most people, even the Left and the Democrats and the Liberals, consider a very grave occasion for the entire nation.

Free speech allows me to call them idiots. I’m doing so.

Free speech allows me to question the sense of people who pooh-pooh those insulted by such brazen displays of bad taste. I’m doing so.