THAAD Test Video

THAAD System Intercepts Target in Successful Missile Defense Flight Test


  1. This program is almost as old as I am, and the threat was it’s raison d’etre (Soviet ICBMs and high-altitude bombers) went extinct 4 years before the first test shot — the Russians aren’t coming, the Chinese won’t bite the hand that feeds them, North Korea’s ICBMs don’t work, and Iran’s ICBMs don’t exist.

    Meanwhile, the US military is without any Short-Ranged SAMs (M48 Chaparral was retired in ’98, and replaced with nothing) or Anti-Aircraft Guns (the M163 VADS and M167 VADS were retired by 1994, and replaced with nothing).

    All we have is an SUV with infantryman’s shoulder-launched SAMs bubba’d onto it, and the Patriot; a weapon whose launcher that can’t rotate to track a crossing target, can only kill about.
    Not to mention that there’s an average of 16 misses before a Patriot can finally take-down a Scud, and that it has the dubious distinction of being the only SAM system that only kills FRIENDLY fixed-wing aircraft.

    More to the point of THAAD, which of these scenarios sounds sounds the least far-fetched;
    1) An ICBM strike on the US, inviting the wrath of up to 500 LGM-30 Minuteman III missiles.
    2) A Tu-95 Bear airstrike on US soil, which won’t be able to outrun scrambled F-16s on the way back.
    3) Airstrikes against US troops via low-flying aircraft, land during our next ground war in a distant land.

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