Kerry hits an IED in his own state?

Since I don’t have anything vaguely useful to say, wander over to Darren Kaplan. He’s got an interesting take on a recent development. I’m not sure that I read as much into it as he is suggesting, but I don’t really follow the issue closely. Check it out.

There’s obviously nothing to see here. I’ve been too busy arguing with a regular about stupid T-shirts, 9/11, and Chile. Plus, I’ve been exchanging emails with another regular about a certain Mr. Edwards. More to follow on that subject.

Go check out Kaplan and let him know what you think.

UPDATE: Porphyrogenitus has some thoughts on the subject. He likens it to the fall of the California Republicans, and suggests that Republicans might not want to touch this one. And he notes that a Constitutional marriage amendment may not be the answer for judges who are already ignoring things spelled out in the Constitution.