Rogue Afghan soldier kills 3 British troops


An Afghan soldier attacked his coalition allies with a rocket-propelled grenade and other weapons early Tuesday, killing three British troops and wounding four more before fleeing, officials said.

British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the killings as “appalling” but insisted the incident should not change the strategy of working alongside the Afghan army.

Officials said the motive of the attack was unclear.

It was the second time in eight months that an Afghan turned against British troops partnering with local security forces. In November, an Afghan policeman killed five British soldiers at a checkpoint — also in southern Helmand province, where Tuesday’s attack happened.

The Afghan got away.


  1. “Officials said the motive of the attack was unclear”.

    Ummm…really? Huh.

    Well I guess that’s why these guys are “officials” and I’m just a dumb working slob.

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