Just don’t touch the balloons

Work-study job at Hooters criticized

A 17-year-old girl has been told by her school that hostessing at Hooters isn’t what they had in mind for her work-study program. While I’m not sure that I’m buying the fact that a school is suddenly all worried about “sexual connotations,” I am surprised by her father’s reaction. He thinks his daughter’s job is great.

“I went to Hooters for an hour, and six families came in for supper during that time,” he said. “This is a chain restaurant with high standards.”

Uh, Mr. Williams, that might not mean that the restaurant has high standards. That might mean that those six families have low standards.

Since the girl doesn’t wear the tight, revealing outfit that everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks of when they think of Hooters, maybe this isn’t such a big moral dilemma.

But I know that my daughter wouldn’t be working there.