Big Honking Sub

Was browsing the bird’s eye view of Bremerton Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility and noticed this monster:

Subs in Bremerton

Subs in Bremerton (click for larger view)

Is that the USS Triton?

It appears that scrapping wasn’t completed until last November, which surprised me. She was decommissioned in 1969.


  1. Yeah, pretty sure the big guy there is the USS Long Beach. Google Earth pretty much confirms it.

  2. Hull form definitely looks like the Long Beach. Cost associated with decommissioning the reactor could explain why she is still sitting with the old nuclear subs instead of completely scraped.

  3. Umm, according to BloodSpite’s and Captain Ned’s source, it sounds like the ship hull is that of the USS Sperry. Am I reading the account wrong?

  4. Sub tender AS-12 Sperry is in Suisun Bay in California and has been since 1998 or so. The pic you’re referring to was taken in 1994 prior to Sperry’s move to the “ghost fleet” at Suisun Bay.

    The reason all of these hulls are sitting at Bremerton is that that base is the only place that removes & safes reactors for transport to the Hanford Reservation for final disposal.

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