The Economic Crunch Hits Murdoc

Ramen noodles were four for a dollar at the store across the street. I usually stocked up when they were on sale for six or seven for a dollar, but they’ve been five for a dollar for a long time now.

Then this four for a dollar nonsense. That’s twenty-five cents each. Crazy.


  1. When I was a boy, we could get TEN for a dollar!

    But then we had to walk to school in the snow, up hill both ways….

      1. Everything was in color by then.

        But it was around the time I was in college, so a lot of times, it looked like there were two of every thing.

        Maybe I was only getting 5 for a dollar!

  2. none of that is actual ramen. They are an insult to the name! I don’t remember which city Murdoc is in or near, but there is fresh real ramen in Ann Arbor. Otherwise roll and soak your own noodles.

  3. Too much salt and starch in those belly bombs.

    Instead, invest in plenty of broccoli, carrots and other high fiber, low cholestrol foods.

    You’d be surprised, fresh vegitables aren’t more expensive than those “easy to make” (boil water and add) junk foods!

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