On the Moon

Aldrin with assembled seismic experiment

Aldrin with assembled seismic experiment

From the Project Apollo Archive.


  1. Although I’m not old enough to have seen that moment, I do miss that America. I wish I could have experienced what it was like to have been in a proud, vibrant nation with a purpose. I guess in 2010 it’s the Chinese who get to feel that way.

  2. It’s sad, really, to think that we went from Kitty Hawk to the Moon in 66 years, but haven’t had people out of Earth’s orbit in nearly 40.

    I mean people tell me that NASA has done alot of important, relevant work with Skylab, the shuttles, intl space station, of course the rovers. And in terms of bringing new knowledge to mankind, I’ll go along with it.

    But kids don’t aspire to remote-pilot a fucking robot on Mars. They aspire to BE on Mars. Taking people out of interplanetary missions robs our future of aspiration.

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