British Soldier Suing MoD

Sniper sues Army over error which put him in danger of being kidnapped by al-Qaeda

Great Britain:

Police feared the soldier and his family could face retaliatory attacks by British-based Islamists after it was disclosed to the media that he had shot dead several Taliban gunmen at a range of 1.5 miles during during a tour in Helmand.

The soldier and his family were forced to leave the country amid fears that he was a possible target of a kidnap plot.

He has now lodged a “letter of claim” with the MoD, accusing it of failing in its duty of care to the soldier by allowing his identity to become public.

Some might wonder if the soldier is overreacting, but

In January 2007, a plot by a Birmingham-based al-Qaeda cell to kidnap a British soldier and behead him was discovered.

The six-man cell was led by Paviz Khan, a 37-year-old father of three, who planned to kidnap a Muslim soldier and post a film of him being beheaded on the internet in a bid to deter other members of the faith from joining the British Army.

The plan was thwarted by a year-long surveillance operation by MI5 and members of the West Midlands counter-terrorist unit. Khan was later jailed for life.


  1. “Carry?”….Hell, he can’t even “own” a handgun.

    Yea, Bram you’re correct. The Brits would rather hammer an honest citizen than go after the Islamic terrorist scum.


    Cause it’s easy!

  2. The problem is not the ability to carry a handgun. The problem is letting an alien culture immigrate to your country and take over.

    That’s why I always thought McCain was so full of crap whenever I’d hear him say, “we’re fighting them over there so we won’t have to fight them here”, all the while he supported continued mass, third-world immigration to the USA.

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