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Seven Samurai available for cheap

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Prussian Blue Going a Bit Green

Okay, okay, I know I promised that the last post on Prussian Blue was going to be the final one, but that was 7 years ago so cut old Murdoc some slack. For those who don’t remember, Prussian Blue are “white nationalist” twin teenage singers spreading their gospel via catchy pop tunes while wearing t-shirt […]


Meh. Very meh. 4 out of 10. And only gets 4 because it’s visually a 10. Astoundingly shallow story-wise and character-wise. But seems about on par with other blockbuster-type action movies…which is why Murdoc only goes to a couple movies a year in the theater. The next five movies I’m on the fence about I’ll […]


More on that Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial last night which was so good that Murdoc refused to watch any more Super Bowl commercials. At first Murdoc was “Wow! That’s Clint Eastwood!” Then Murdoc was “Oh, my God…I think this is one of those Detroit Chrysler commercials.” Looking online after the fact, Murdoc sees that there […]

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who have had some of your faith in humanity restored on this blessed day, I direct your attention to the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL: This appears to be the whole thing. Watch it if you dare. [ viagra directions | viagra sample | cheapest sildenafil citrate | generic viagra | […]