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Twilight:2000 Cheap

Happened to notice that PDFs of the entire run of first edition the Twilight:2000 role playing game are available for only $40 at RPGNow. For five years the armies of the world have fought back and forth across Europe. Three years ago the missiles started flying. Most countries were hit hard in the nuclear exchange, […]

The Pacific

Just caught an episode of this on HBO at the hotel we’re staying at. Nice, because we don’t get HBO at home. The Marines on Guadalcanal. Excellent. Very much excellent. [ buy viagra | viagra discussion | female ingestion of viagra | generic viagra safe | pfizer viagra | purchase viagra | cialis and canada […]

Green Police

Haven’t had time to look around for commentary on it, but is Murdoc the only one who didn’t think that “Green Police” commercial [was all that] funny? UPDATE: First, Smallest Minority is talking about it. Second, here’s the commercial: Third: Somewhere I saw this: Buy guns not Audis [ viagra aus usa | canada viagra […]

Because it’s Friday

Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind: Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind from Marc Bullard on Vimeo. [ cialis dosagem | generic viagra | soft gel viagra tablets | viagra overnight delivery | viagra porn | canadian viagra | viagra fast | combine cialis and levitra | which is better viagra cialis | cialis no […]

Merry Life Day, Everyone

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Avatar 3D

Saw it yesterday (regular theater 3D version, not IMAX) and thought it was excellent. Think Dances with Wolves with aliens instead of Indians. The animation was excellent (astounding, really) except for a couple of scenes where characters are climbing something. I don’t know what it is about CGI effects and climbing. They almost always look […]