Iwo Jima

On this date in 1945: Also see: Old Marines swap stories on the 71st anniversary of the famous Iwo Jima flag-raising [ buy pfizer viagra online | generic viagra online | drug sample viagra | viagra cialis cheap | vipps pharmacy | cheapest prices for viagra | buy viagra without a prescription | brand drug […]

XB-70 Gets New Home


Exotic XB-70 draws a crowd at Air Force museum The six-engine jet with twin tail fins was pushed out of the museum’s Research and Development Gallery in a restricted access hangar, it’s home since 2002, to the new hangar at Wright-Patterson. The experimental bomber, branded with the tail code 20001, will be the centerpiece among […]

Red Turrets on the USS Arizona (BB-39)?

USS Arizona (BB-39) with red turrets at Pearl Harbor

Murdoc came across this at some point but never linked. New USS Arizona model shows blue paint scheme Craftsman Don Preul, determined to create the world’s most accurate representation of the warship, conferred with Park Service historian Dan Martinez on the proper colors. Research was difficult because most of the ship’s records had been destroyed […]

USS Roanoke CL-145

USS Roanoke CL-145

In Murdoc’s opinion, Worcester-class cruisers were some of the prettiest ships ever built: Laid down in early 1945, only two of ten planned ships in the class were completed. They served until 1958. Classed as ‘light cruisers’ because they mounted 6″ guns, they displaced 18,000 tons fully loaded and were 679 feet long. The twelve […]

Our hopes and our journeys continue

STS-51-L Space Shuttle Challenger Launch

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A bit of a pilot

Chuck Yeager Bell X-1A

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