Oops…Wrong Ship

This is what happens when you land on the wrong ship. You don’t have this sort of problem when you never have more than one carrier in the area. [ viagra retail discount | ponstel 500mg pills $151.00 | cozaar 50mg pills $182.00 | endep 10mg pills $122.00 | adalat 20mg pills $91.00 | atarax […]

“Thanks for that on-the-spot report, Les.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all MO readers out there in the wild. While you’re enjoying your turkey and football and time with friends and family, don’t forget out men and women serving in the dusty and dangerous places of the world. [ cipralex 5mg pills $154.00 | viagra in spain | lipitor 40mg pills $72.00 | […]

Beer O’Clock Tank

Murdoc can appreciate the use of light beer to improve mobility and air transportability, but what’s the point if you always have to add slat armor when you deploy to a combat zone? [ viagra 25mg pills $60.00 | coversyl 8mg pills $142.00 | klaricid 250mg pills $173.00 | zovirax 400mg pills (brand) $163.00 | […]

Guarding the Guard

Private security firm hired to guard Michigan’s National Guard bases and facilities The state has hired a West Michigan-based private security firm to protect six of its National Guard and Air National Guard bases and facilities. In a 5-year, $15 million contract, DK Security will provide armed security services at six military installations around the […]

11/11/11 11:11

So ever since Murdoc was a little kid, he’s made a point to tell a particular joke on November 11th. I think I got out of a joke book in the class library in 2nd grade, but I can’t remember for sure. This guy goes up to his buddy and asks how he did at […]

Bulldozer Battleship

Homemade Bulldozer Battleship Joins Libya Fight Onto a battlefield littered with bizarre homemade weaponry, Libya’s ruling militia fighters have rolled out their weirdest contraption yet: a concrete and steel behemoth that’s a cross between a bulldozer and a battleship. The towering monster, which appeared Wednesday in Sirte to help capture Muammar Qaddafi’s home town, has […]

Funniest Thing Murdoc’s Seen All Week

Why Corporate Elites Should Be Petrified of Occupy Wall Street The occupation of Wall Street has formed an alternative community that defies the profit-driven hierarchical structures of corporate capitalism. I’ll bet corporate America is shaking it its boots right now over this. Yeah, AlterNet. But still funny. [ viagra scotland | viagra 25mg pills 270 […]

This is a Panzerschreck

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Joe Armstrong’s Strong Arm Censored Mints

A few days back MO pointed out that Tennessee legislator Joe ‘Crybaby’ Armstrong whined about the Disappoint-Mints poking fun at Barack Obama. Now the whiner has his own: Good stuff. [ free consultation viagra | benicar 40mg pills $172.00 | tizanidine 4mg pills $198.00 | danazol 100mg pills $182.00 | sublingual viagra pro 100mg pills […]