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Disappoint Mints

Disappoint Mints: Murdoc would have said this was a cheap political gimmick. Until they were pulled after Joe Armstrong (D-Knoxville) complained. Armstrong, who apparently is as thin-skinned as they come, whined and simpered that the mints were not “viewpoint neutral.” The bookstore owner said that he had carried mints poking fun at George W. Bush […]

Satire…I think…

Pakistani Intelligence Announces Its Full Cooperation With U.S. Forces During Upcoming Top Secret June 12 Drone Strike On Al-Qaeda At 5:23 A.M. Near Small Town Of Razmani In North Waziristan “Make no mistake, Pakistan stands shoulder to shoulder with our American allies in hunting down those who threaten our national security,” said Pasha, circling the […]

Gromitz Grounded

Back in 2007: Missed this when it happened. Here’s a little more info: German Navy Type 332 Frankenthal class mine hunter M106 Grömitz (built 1994) based in Kiel — will remain for some time on the rocks where it grounded in the night of Feb 21 off the harbor Floræ on way to Bergen. While […]

If I had a dollar

T-Shirt of the Day: Quite funny, but Murdoc wonders how many people even remember who Michael Moore is. And as far as Murdoc is concerned, he’s just that idiot who said the terrorists in Iraq were like the colonial America Minute Men. And that they’d win. But hey, gotta pay for cheeseburgers somehow. T-shirt available […]