Uraguayan A-37 Dragonfly

Uruguayan A-37 Dragonfly

Murdoc’s long been a fan of the idea of low-cost simple aircraft for COIN, both in the US military and for sale to and use by our allies. An updated A-37 would be a great plane for this role. According to Wikipedia, Uruguay still operates 3 of them. [ free viagra in the uk | […]

HMS Illustrious and HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Illustrious and HMS Queen Elizabeth

Gives a great comparative view. HMS Illustrious became a helicopter carrier following the retirement of the British Harriers in 2010 and was herself retired in 2014 shortly after this photo was taken. The HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to be commissioned next year and to enter operational service in 2020. [ vgx-viagra | generic cialis […]

Joke’s on Us

Jokes on Us New York Post Iran Deal

This has gotta make you feel good: Via Instapundit who writes: News from the world of “Smart Diplomacy.” Indeed. [ viagra dose | 50 mg cialis dose | search herbal viagra | cialis fast delivery usa | herbal vigor | canadian generic cialis | viagra in canada | guaranteed cheapest viagra | how quick does […]

Canadian ADATS Launch

Canada Forces ADATS

Air Defense Anti-Tank System based on M113 using laser-guided dual-purpose missile. Last Canadian units pulled from active service in 2012. [ viagra prescription for woman | 50 mg viagra | viagra uit india | viagra buy now pay later | cialis for woman | cialis india | viagra clone | viagra sample | safe for […]

Chinese Navy Continues to Modernize. Quickly.

Type 052D VLS Luyang III DDG PLAN Chinese destroyer

Office of Naval Intelligence: China’s Fleet Advancing Faster Than US Expected The Chinese navy has 77 surface combatants, more than 60 submarines, 55 amphibious ships and about 85 missile-equipped small ships, according to the report first published by the U.S. Naval Institute. The report explains that more than 50 naval ships were “laid down, launched […]