Friday Linkzookery – 24 Jun 2016

Murdoc Online

A Mandate for Liberty, a Rejection of Subservience What Brexit Means Alexander Hamilton on Brexit Murdoc is a Hamilton fan. Why GPS is more vulnerable than ever This is something that’s come up in conversation a few times recently. Murdoc is concerned. John Lewis was Once Erroneously Placed on No-Fly List He Wants to Use […]

Friday Linkzookery – 17 Jul 2015

Murdoc Online

It’s been a long time since Murdoc’s shared any Linkzookery. That’s his bad. Here’s a bit of the good stuff, though.

Weapons: M4A2, Russia Suffers Sixth Military Aircraft Crash in Six Weeks, US Air Force Launches New GPS Satellite, Japan Buys Five Ospreys in Boeing’s First Export Deal…and many more…

Friday Linkzookery – 14 Feb 2014


Friday Linkzookery is back, but if you like this quick rundown of links from the previous week Murdoc suggests you also consider giving Murdoc Online’s Facebook page a LIKE. Some of these items were posted there earlier in the week, and much other ‘zookery will be posted as well. Afghanistan ‘As Good As It’s Going […]

Friday the 13th Linkzookery – 13 Sep 2013

Al-Qaida leader calls for attacks inside US A friendly reminder that we are, in fact, at war with terrorists. ‘I give you my word I’ll be back’ Extraordinary chivalry of British PoW who returned to German prison after visiting dying mother because of promise he made the Kaiser U.S. weapons releases in Afghanistan drop dramatically […]