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Donald Trump

Murdoc doesn’t count himself in the Trump camp, really, but he’s been saying this sort of thing since the first few primaries demonstrated that all the talk of Trump’s candidacy wasn’t going to just evaporate once people had to start actually voting: Still, when I hear smart people explaining why Trump cannot win, all I […]

Joke’s on Us

Jokes on Us New York Post Iran Deal

This has gotta make you feel good: Via Instapundit who writes: News from the world of “Smart Diplomacy.” Indeed. [ how often can you take viagra | sildenafil oral jelly | lowest price viagra | viagra money order | viagra problems | chip cialis | buy prescription viagra | order usa viagra online | buy […]

Brian Williams the Liar is Stepping Aside Temporarily


Brian Williams, Under Scrutiny, Will Take Leave From ‘NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams, acknowledging that the scrutiny and criticism he was attracting was becoming a distraction for his network, said on Saturday that he was stepping aside as anchor of NBC’s “Nightly News” for the next several days. In a memo to the NBC News […]

Umm, No

Oprah Winfrey: Americans Disrespect Obama Because He Is Black Winfrey told the BBC that President Barack Obama is receiving an unusually high amount of “disrespect” due to his skin color. There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. […]

Political Commercials

Murdoc’s seeing and hearing lots of comments about how this is the last couple of days we’ll be subjected to so many political commercials. That’s not really the case. It’s just that we normally call it the “evening news.” [ cheap quality viagra | herbal alternatives to viagra | cialis at real low prices | […]


Instapundit seems to be keeping up with stories about the media outlets working collaboratively to turn the story of attacks on US consulates and embassies, the tearing down of flags, and the death of the US ambassador to Libya into a reason why Mitt Romney wouldn’t make a good president. A bunch of links here, […]