Friday Catblogging

F-14 Tomcats on USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

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Friday Cat Blogging – 15 Jul 2011

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Friday Catblogging

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In the Groove

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Chopping up Tomcats

Jets Shredded, Kept Away From ‘Bad Guys’ Sad: The Pentagon is paying a contractor at least $900,000 to destroy old F-14s, a jet affectionately nicknamed “the turkey,” rather than sell the spares at the risk of their falling into the wrong hands, including Iran’s. Within a workday, a $38 million fighter jet that once soared […]

Early Tomcat Drawing

Take a look at this early drawing of what would become the F-14 Tomcat: Profile drawing of an early Tomcat concept. Note the very large single vertical fin and rudder and separate front and rear cockpit canopies. Generally, though, the overall planform very much resembles that of the eventual Tomcat configuration. Click for a bigger […]

Tonight on the History Channel: Tomcat Sunset

In case you get the History Channel and have the time and interest, tonight’s episode of Modern Marvels is “Tomcat Sunset” at 9pm ET…about everyone’s favorite retired naval interceptor. It’s 90 minutes long and looks like it will be repeated at midnight 1am ET. UPDATE: Incidentally, a show I’ve never watched before called “Shootout” is […]

Final flight of the F-14 Tomcat

Here are some stories on Saturday’s event: Navy retires F-14, the coolest of cold warriors Navy’s ‘Top Gun’ Tomcat Fighter Jet Makes Ceremonial Final Flight F-14 Tomcat takes sunset flight The F-14 Tomcat Roars Off Into The Sunset F-14 Tomcat Makes Its Final Flight FAREWELL, TOMCATS: F-14 officially retires A shot of an Independence Tomcat […]

Tomcat Memories

Aviators share their memories of flying the F-14 The last flight is almost here. [ levitra versus viagra | vytorin 10mg pills $425.00 | aciphex 30mg pills $89.00 | cheapest viagra online | trazodone 25mg pills $137.00 | zebeta 5mg pills $129.00 | avalide 150mg irbesartan /12.5mg hydrochlorothiazide pills $141.00 | counterfeit viagra | tinidazole […]

Grumman and their Cat

tap tap…is this thing on? Many thanks to Murdoc for offering up this opportunity to help fill in some possible quiet spots over the next few weeks or so. I’m looking forward to posting along with Nicholas, in a combined sort of way (as opposed to a joint sort of way), seeing how we’re allies […]