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Loading Up the Strykers

M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS): 4/2 SBCT is the brigade that was accelerated for deployment after 5/2 SBCT’s deployment was shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan, and the same unit which the media fretted about being sent to Iraq without enough training. Seems to me that the guys are pros and managed just fine despite […]

Strykers Checking Out

I believe that’s an M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle model. I’m not sure if I’ve ever noticed the transparent shield for the open driver’s hatch before. Is that a recent development? The microphones visible sticking up on the rear right of the vehicle (left side of the picture) are the Boomerang gunshot detection system. I’ve not heard […]

Strykers Leaving Iraq

Here’s a shot of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division column headed out of Iraq: It’s actually OVER seven years ago. But who’s counting? Yes, with 50,000 US troops still in Iraq acting as advisers and trainers, there’s still a ways to go. And it will be years before we can really start to determine […]

Double-Hull Strykers?

U.S. Army Requests Permission To Modify Strykers Defense News: The U.S. Army has asked the Pentagon to approve a plan to increase Stryker vehicles’ survivability by adding a double V-shaped hull, Lt. Gen. Robert Lennox, deputy chief of staff for Army programs, told members of the House Armed Services air and land forces subcommittee March […]

Stryker Mortar

2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment Participates in Joint Task Force-East Training Soldiers from the 2nd SCR have been rotating every three weeks to Romania and Bulgaria since the second week of August and will continue through the end of October. The combined training facilitated by exercise JTF-East is an integral part of the overall goal which […]