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Murdoc hasn’t posted much about the Littoral Combat Ships lately, so here’s a link to a good post over at CDR Salamander: LCS: A Global Force for Confusion Money quote: We all know that LCS is just a speed-fetish’s version of a large corvette. A slightly armed, sub-optimal corvette at that. Murdoc was a fan […]

A-29 Super Tucano

A Decade Late, but We’ll Take Them Light Air Support turboprops for the Afghans. Keeping fingers crossed that we end up with a couple. If the USAF won’t buy any, the Army should start pushing for the chance to field a few squadrons. Make noise and either get the rules changed or convince the AF […]

Last Raptor

Last F-22 Raptor Rolls Off Assembly Line The final F-22 Raptor fighter jet rolled off the assembly line during a ceremony at the Lockheed Martin aircraft plant at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The U.S. military is turning to the less costly F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to complement its operational fleet of 187 Raptors, amid concerns […]

Additional DVH Strykers

General Dynamics Awarded $243 Million to Produce 115 More Double-V Hull Stryker Vehicles This is on top of a previous contract for 350 (about one brigade’s worth) of the upgraded Strykers. There are currently no plans for DVH models of the Mobile Gun System for NBC Recon variants. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MGS […]

Carbine Competition

The Army sets its sights on its next carbine Service leaders detailed what they want — and how they plan to get it — in a June 30 request for proposal. It seeks “an assault weapon that will provide accuracy, lethality, minimized visual and aural signature and survivability enhancements to all Army formations. … This […]

Two unfinished oilers to be scrapped

Two never-used Navy ships head to scrapyard USNS Bejamin Isherwood and the USNS Henry Eckford, Kaiser class oilers, were never completed: When the company defaulted on its Navy contract in 1989 the 660-foot ships were sent to Florida for completion, but cost disputes terminated that contract in 1993. Since then, the vessels have sat 95 […]

First JSF Delivered to Eglin

Lockheed Martin Delivers First F-35 Production Jet for Training to Eglin AFB The first Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT – News) production model F-35 Lightning II to be assigned to the 33rd Fighter Wing arrived here today at 1:18 p.m. CDT after its more than 90-minute ferry flight from Fort Worth, Texas. The aircraft, known as AF-9, […]