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M203 Replacement Ordered

On SoldierGeek: Army buys 18,000 new M320 Grenade Launchers The Army announced today that it has awarded a $38.5M contract to German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch for the production of 18,000 40mm M320A1 Grenade Launchers. The M320 is the replacement for the venerable M203 grenade launcher, first fielded as an experimental system during the […]

Look! It works!

5 vertical landings in 8 days for F-35B A series of five vertical landings over eight days shows that the troubled F-35B Joint Strike Fighter is getting back on track, analysts said. The tests, performed between Jan. 6 and 13, are among the 42 that must be completed before the aircraft can be tested at […]

F-35B on Probation

In Aviation Week: Defense Secretary Robert Gates has put the U.S. Marine Corps’ troubled F-35B short-takeoff-and-vertical landing (Stovl) Joint Strike Fighter on “probation,” while endorsing the U.S. Air Force’s long-coveted new bomber program. The F-35A and F-35C models emerged unscathed from Gates’ review. However, the F-35B “is experiencing significant testing problems,” Gates said at the […]

Another Go at HH-60G Successor

New plan released to replace Pave Hawk The new plan, released March 23 by the Aeronautical Systems Center, calls for awarding a contract in 2012 and reaching initial operational capability with eight aircraft by September 2015. No date has been set for replacing all HH-60Gs. Along with the timeline, the HH-60 Personnel Recovery Recapitalization Program […]