Battlewagon Wednesday – 22 Jun 2016

USS Tennessee (BB-43) training her guns on Okinawa during the initial landings. 1 April 1945.

Great overhead view. Tennessee and her sister California were both at Pearl Harbor but lived to fight another day. [ tadalafil 40mg pills $249.00 | zovirax 400mg pills (brand) $163.00 | nexium 40mg pills $123.00 | tadalafil 100mg pills $71.00 | sublingual viagra pro 100mg pills $265.00 | micronase 5mg pills $140.00 | keflex 250mg […]

Red Turrets on the USS Arizona (BB-39)?

USS Arizona (BB-39) with red turrets at Pearl Harbor

Murdoc came across this at some point but never linked. New USS Arizona model shows blue paint scheme Craftsman Don Preul, determined to create the world’s most accurate representation of the warship, conferred with Park Service historian Dan Martinez on the proper colors. Research was difficult because most of the ship’s records had been destroyed […]

Battlewagon Wednesday

Bayonne Naval Supply Depot, New Jersey That’s quite a reserve fleet. In fact, toss in a few destroyers and you’ve got yourself a surface navy all right there. Just waiting for the cutting torch. [ aciphex 20mg pills $256.00 | cialis generic | amoxicillin 375mg pills $151.00 | levitra soft 20mg pills $91.00 | lantus […]

Battlewagon Wednesday – 30 Sep 2009

USS Missouri heading to shipyard for makeover The 65-year-old ship is in good shape, but it still needs to go to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for repairs because rust is protruding from peeling paint in areas and the teak wood deck is warped and bent in others. The ship’s exterior is due to be sanded […]