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"Yeah sure Europe and the Middle East dissolved under our watch but at least we legalized Iran's nuclear program" – the Obama administration — Omri Ceren (@cerenomri) June 24, 2016 [ depo-medrol 4mg pills $138.00 | olmesartan 40mg pills $218.00 | diabecon 60 tablet bottle $249.00 | viagra generic | accutane 20mg pills $198.00 | […]

Nattering Nabobs

Donald Trump

Murdoc doesn’t count himself in the Trump camp, really, but he’s been saying this sort of thing since the first few primaries demonstrated that all the talk of Trump’s candidacy wasn’t going to just evaporate once people had to start actually voting: Still, when I hear smart people explaining why Trump cannot win, all I […]

They’re right


Murdoc keeps hearing from people who can’t understand why Donald Trump keeps doing so well something to the effect of “I just don’t understand what’s going on in America anymore.”

Murdoc’s response: You’re right.