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Marathon Murdoc

Murdoc ran his first marathon yesterday. Ouch. Sometimes, no matter how much harder you push yourself, you just keep slowing down. This was the case over the last few miles yesterday morning. I think I ran as hard as I could, and I didn’t make any significant mistakes. Though I missed my best-case goal by […]

I could tell by the pixels…

Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks ‘Faked’ on TV The Telegraph picked up a story in the Chinese newspaper the Beijing Times which explained that filming the 29 firework “footprints” from the air would have been impossible. So visual effects artists spent a year creating a computer-graphic simulation — inserted precisely at the same time the real […]


I JUST SIGNED UP FOR MLB.COM’S PREMIUM INTERNET TV SERVICE. It took me about two minutes to decide to cancel. Even though I checked the ZIP codes of home and work and both showed ‘okay,’ it tells me I’m blacked out for all home Tigers games. What someone is calling the “official MLB blackout map’ […]

Traveling Today

Murdoc is on the road (well, in the skies) today headed out to Denver for some day job training. Posting here at MO will continue to be a bit light, and if someone invites me to either tonight’s or Thursday’s playoff hockey game between Detroit and Colorado, all bets are off. Oh, and readers may […]

How about a little credit?

That’s probably just a plastic trophy Last spring we had the opportunity to go to the Indianapolis 500 courtesy of some good friends with tickets for great seats that they couldn’t use. My wife was pulling for Danica Patrick, (probably) mostly due to the fact that she was a woman in a male-dominated sport. I […]