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Old Blogger Site Deleted

FYI Murdoc finally caved and deleted the the old blogspot Blogger version of Murdoc Online. I don’t think it will be missed. All of the content is on this site. Had a few minutes of nostalgia poking around. [ viagra benefits side effects | effects alcohol viagra | viagra studies women | p2 pharmacy uk […]

More Furniture Moving


Continuing the overhaul of the site. What Murdoc is really looking for is feedback on issues, particularly with mobile devices. Tell him what’s wrong and what you’re using. Also, I’ve added share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. If something will be of interest to those you know, don’t be shy about sharing. Let me […]

Rearranging the Furniture

Murdoc’s been goofing with stuff. Let him know if anything on the new layout seems broken. Feedback is welcome. Also, he’s finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for this site. If you’re on FB and interested, give it a like. He’s not exactly sure how he’s going to use it, but it’s […]

Murdoc back on the air

The day that Murdoc decided to start posting again, the hosting company messed up a plan change and took him out. Now he’s back. Lucky you. [ indian cialis canada | brand buy from name usa viagra | generic viagra india | what better viagra or cialis | non pescription cialis | cialis discount | […]

Murdoc Agrees: Down with Satan

Been a while since Murdoc got any real hate mail. He hopes that this sort of thing indicates that he’s on the comeback: America and American army are Satan’s soldiers Down with all of you and satan Ah, just like the good old days. UPDATE: Also it appears that Murdoc’s Twitter feed is operational once […]

Sunday Spamzookery

Yes, Murdoc’s email was hacked and sent out tons of spam Sunday night and Monday morning. Murdoc’s apologies. I think it’s under control now, but if you’ve received any crap after about 10:30am EDT today (29 Aug) let me know. [ viagra testimonials | viagra next day delivery | ordering viagra | buy viagra without […]

Happy Easter

Murdoc hopes all the MO readers have a great holiday and weekend. [ buy real viagra without prescription | generic cialis in india | viagra online deals | cialis daily canada | buy viagra line | buy cialis without prescription | buy viagra woman | swiss oats a111 | viagra usage | buy generic cialis […]

Merry Christmas

Here’s hoping all the MO readers out there have a great Christmas. As always, keep our servicemen and women in your prayers. God bless us all. [ viagra free trial | viagra warnings | sildenafil citrate | viagra jokes | female version of viagra | cialis professional no prescription | free viagra in the uk […]

Back Up

MO was off the air for a quite a while today. I think everything is back in order. Sorry about that. [ buying viagra in the us | levitra vs viagra | viagra wholesale | canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer | viagra china | viagra sale | viagra effects on women | buy discount viagra | […]