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Unclean! Unclean!

A number of readers have alerted Murdoc to a possible virus problem with his sites. After checking into it, tech support found some infected files in an old installation and will be removing them shortly. I hope this takes care of the issue. Many thanks to those who took the time to let me know, […]

Undisclosed Location

Murdoc’s apologies for the lack of posting. It’s been a bit of a wild couple of weeks, culminating with the Boston Marathon yesterday. Running that race is a lifelong dream accomplished, and Murdoc wants to encourage everyone to keep your own dreams alive, even when it looks like they’ll never come to pass. I never […]


MO back on the air. Some terrible problem at my host that took days to recover from. Not terribly pleased, but what can you do? Murdoc’s apologies for the problems. UPDATE: Also, I want to thank those who emailed with concern for old Murdoc. Everything is fine and blogging will resume shortly. UPDATE 2: It […]

Theme Work

I’ve made some more tweaks to the theme. The most noticeable is probably the return of the First Navy Jack to the upper right corner of the page. Two user-requested features have been added, as well: The header area is now finally a link to the home page again. A new option to subscribe to […]

Threaded Comments

I’ve finally got “threaded” comments working on MO. This means that you can reply to a previous commenter by hitting the ‘reply’ link in that comment, and your comment will appear indented directly below it regardless of when you write it. This should help the discussions not get confused so easily.