Chechen Alone in Boston

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Yes, Murdoc ran the Boston Marathon again this year. Yes, he was there when the bombs went off. But he was a couple of blocks away and he, his family, and everyone he knows that was there was fine. [ cialis compare levitra viagra | viagra buy in uk online | cialis sales | ingredients […]


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Bush Hornet

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Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July to all MO readers. Hope you have a great day, keep safe, and don’t start any wildfires with your fireworks. [ how to get cialis | cialis soft canada | women’s viagra | buy viagra in england | viagra injectable | what is better than viagra | viagra results | viagra […]


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Friday the 13th

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Maybe it was a US spy drone…

Iran backtracks on report it downed U.S. ‘spy drone’ Now they’re saying that they didn’t shoot down a spying UAV over an enrichment plant: “What caused the mistaken news was the firing, by the forces of the IRGC Air Force, at an aerial training enemy target in the general area of the Province of Qom,” […]

New Home

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