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Laptop Shooting Dad Pretty Much a Jerk

Hmmm. I’m not at all convinced that the whole incident where that dad made a big old YouTube video of him shooting his daughter’s laptop after she badmouthed him and his wife on Facebook is genuine. And if it is, I’m not at all convinced that his approach was a good one. Sure, everyone likes […]

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who have had some of your faith in humanity restored on this blessed day, I direct your attention to the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL: This appears to be the whole thing. Watch it if you dare.

Hmmm…Let’s think about that…

Reagan shooter wants more time outside hospital The man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan is asking to spend more time outside a Washington mental hospital, but a government lawyer says John Hinckley’s request is premature and that he recently lied to cover up the fact he looked at books on Reagan and presidential […]

No Sty for the Pigs

Debunking, uncovering, and just plain mocking the Occupier movement could be a full-time job, but some things just stand out: Occupy Wall Street protesters stay at $700-a-night hotel The $700-per-night W Hotel Downtown last week hosted both Peter Dutro, one of a select few OWS members on the powerful finance committee, and Brad Spitzer, a […]

Dems always carry the dead demographic

Wisconsin DNC is apparently organizing the effort to canvas local cemeteries for signatures on their petition to force a recall vote for Governor Scott Walker. What losers. I think that starting in 2012, Wisconsin voters will be required to show ID before voting. To Murdoc, it seems insane that it was ever possible to vote […]

Farms are too dangerous for kids

Farmers cry foul over proposed new rules for young workers The US Department of Labor has proposed new rules that would eliminate a large chunk of what kids under 16 years of age can do on a farm: The changes would: Exempt children working on farms owned 100 percent by their parents from most of […]

Bulldozer Battleship

Homemade Bulldozer Battleship Joins Libya Fight Onto a battlefield littered with bizarre homemade weaponry, Libya’s ruling militia fighters have rolled out their weirdest contraption yet: a concrete and steel behemoth that’s a cross between a bulldozer and a battleship. The towering monster, which appeared Wednesday in Sirte to help capture Muammar Qaddafi’s home town, has […]

Protesting Drones

That’s a double-duty title, folks. Air and Space Museum closed after guards mace anti-war protesters When told they could not bring their protest signs into the museum, the crowd apparently got a little out of hand. The group that arrived at the museum Saturday included individuals affiliated with the October 2011 Stop the Machine demonstration, […]

Stupid Headline of the Day

At Auschwitz, future U.S. military leaders learn what not to do Yeah. Because otherwise they would have set up concentration camps and genocided someone. Honestly, the story reads like it was written by whoever directed that Coke commercial where everyone wants to teach the world to sing.