Month – February 2004


Hillary: Bush should thank Bill for military This was in WorldNet Daily, which is obviously slanted. But the Brookings Institution transcript backs it up. WorldNet Daily wrote Clinton then noted that during the 2000 campaign, Vice President Cheney said there is almost nothing you can do to improve the quality of a military force created […]


Hell in a Handbasket noted a Strategy Page entry about the upcoming Silent Hammer exercises which are a proof-of-concept test of the Navy’s new Cruise Missile Submarine (SSGN) plan. MO mentioned SSGNs here. Noted is the USS Georgia, one of four Ohio-class ballistic missile subs slated to be converted to SSGNs instead of being decommissioned. […]

ACE is on an XM8 Roll

First of all, Airborne Combat Engineer has expanded his earlier post about the Army Times review of the XM8. He points out a time/datestamp recorder for every shot fired from the weapon. (If only Lee Harvey’s Mannlicher-Carcano had been built with such a gadget!) Go check out ACE’s post for more info and links. Even […]

Weekly Saturn Show

Cassini Goes Weekly As Saturn Approaches Cassini will be sending back images each week as it nears Saturn. It will enter the Saturn system on May 18th. Check out the story for awesome desktops of this image, and compare it to the image I posted in December. In the coming months, imaging highlights will include […]

F-16I Storms arrive in Israel

Israelis and Arabs Receive New F-16s (Feb 27, 2004 entry) The first batch of F-16I Soufa (Storm) fighters arrived in Israel. I mentioned them here in November. Also noted in the Strategy Page entry is the fact that UAE F-16s are rolling down the assembly line next to the Israeli F-16s. The Strategy Page category […]

ACE wants to Rip & Roll

We need a “Rip and Roll” Airborne Airborne combat Engineer has an EXCELLENT post on what we need to do with the Airborne infantry. They can go anywhere, any time, very quickly. Once their boots are on the ground, however, it’s a different story. Go check it out. Now. [ over night delivery of cialis […]


Size matters The iPod mini includes a $480 Hitachi 4GB microdrive. The iPod mini costs $250. So the best deal on buying a MicroDrive for my D100 is to buy a iPod mini and take it apart. You get the MicroDrive for almost 50% off and you get a free pair of headphones. Slap an […]