Month – May 2004

More on Rivers

I’ve updated my post on Reggie Rivers to include links to thoughts from some current slaves, and I continue to wonder about his, well, shall we say, his ‘judgment’. [ directions for viagra use | buy viagra cheap | obtain viagra without prescription | viagra problems | buy generic cialis expressdelivery | viagra in spain […]

Shake well before using

Rising milk prices coming too late for many farmers This story includes a rundown of the new Hautboy Hill Farm brand specialty “creamline” milk in Connecticut. Before retail milk prices began their run to $4 a gallon (they’re already there in New Mexico), many smaller milking operation had to fold due to government price caps. […]

Minnesota fines filling stations over gas prices

State cracks down on stations with gas prices that are too low Yes. You read that right. Some rogue oil companies are pricing their gasoline too low. The bastards. Under Gov. Jesse Ventura, the state adopted a law in 2001 that prohibits gas stations from selling gas without taking a minimum profit. These days, they […]

Reggie Rivers

You may have heard about the recent column in the Denver Post equating military service with slavery. If you haven’t the column, called KEEP OUR SLAVES SAFE, I can sum it up in one word: Stupid. Not that there aren’t important issues that need to be addressed. But the whole argument about our poor, poor […]

Rick Rescorla

If you haven’t read the account of Rick Rescorla, the soldier pictured on the cover of the book WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE, AND YOUNG and a security manager in the World Trade Center on 9/11, you should. I’ve mentioned this post on the Mudville Gazette before. [ viagra dosages | viagra toronto buy | viagra […]

I’m glad they cleared that up!

Are they trying to say that some intelligence may not be 100% accurate? No way. We only accept info when it’s concrete and indisputable. And Newsweek has apparently noticed that there are politics involved with the terror alert system. Really. So here we are, two and a half years after 9/11, and terror alerts are […]

Mustard stains

Yesterday ACE posted about a company of 82nd Airborne paratroopers who received their “mustard stain” combat jump badges for a classified jump into Afghanistan in February of 2003. Balckfive (the Paratrooper of Love) also noted it, though I didn’t come across his post until today. Among the goodies pointed out: The paratroopers had been in […]

Effect, meet Cause

When Morons Have Typewriters Chuck Simmins at You Big Mouth, You notes an AP story about the fact that the population in US prisons grew by 2.9% last year to 2.1 million inmates. That’s very bad, isn’t it? The inmate population continued its rise despite a fall in the crime rate Gee. Prison population UP […]

Bring back the draft? Why?

Army on track to meet recruiting, retention goals In a serious blow to peace-mongers, reports of the Army’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. The active Army has achieved 98 percent of its year-to-date mission, the Army Reserve has achieved 96 percent of its YTD mission. The National Guard has retained almost 130 percent of its […]