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Month – August 2005

Americans Aiding Americans

Hurricane Katrina Relief Chuck Simmins has a very very green page up detailing the donations by American citizens and corporations for Katrina assistance, much like he did for the “Stingy List” of Tsunami donations this past spring. Most of the entries have links to the news story about that particular donation. Keep an eye on […]

Fineman’s sure hoping so, anyway

A political hurricane is gathering force Nope. No bias here. Just the facts. As we approach the fourth anniversary of 9/11, Americans are facing a different anguish from a different, but no less iconic city. New Yorkers, on behalf of the rest of us, absorbed Al Qaeda’s attack and came back stronger than ever. We […]

More on the doctor who called his patient obese

In last Friday’s Linkzookery I noted that a patient claimed that her doctor was “hurtful, not helpful” when he told her she was obese. As is often the case, there is more to it than that: Doctor accused of racial remark to fat patient Seems to me that it would have been nice if the […]

I hadn’t heard of this dispute at all

Disputed 9-11 Pentagon Flag Destroyed Loudon, VA: An American flag that purportedly flew over the Pentagon on Sept. 11 was burned by a man who said he wanted to end questions of authenticity over the banner he bought for $25,000. John A. Andrews II, a general contractor and developer, successfully bid for the flag on […]

“Hang on, I wanna try something!”

Russian paratrooper saves falling friend Is this for real? A Russian paratrooper will be decorated for valour after he caught hold of a comrade whose chute failed to open and steered him to the ground by his straps, the military said on Monday. The incident happened when the soldiers became entangled in their parachute lines […]

Watch Michael Yon

Gates of Fire I think everyone has already pointed this out, but if you haven’t listened to them, listen to me. Go read. Although the situation in Mosul is better, our troops still fight here every day. This may not be the war some folks had in mind a few years ago. But once the […]

Now he’s even stealing the oil from THIS country

Bush weighs tapping strategic oil reserve I didn’t really think too much of this until I tried to get to the SPR’s web page. It currently seems to be offline. Is something sinister going on? I had missed that the reserve was finally filled to its 700 million barrel capacity just over a week ago.


9/11 seen as sparking Arab economic boom AP/Washington Times: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are increasingly viewed in the oil-rich Arab countries of the Persian Gulf as the catalyst for an economic boom when Arabs divested from America and reinvested at home. Arab investors pulled tens of billions of […]