Month: May 2006

Comments down

Spent the last couple of hours working on comment problems due to a friendly spammer. Thanks to the overload, MO was completely offline for a while, and individual post pages were down for even longer. Everything now seems to be working, but I’ve had to disable comments temporarily. Sorry. UPDATE: Okay. Comments are re-enabled and […]

Space Stuff

Pretty busy today. So I’ll take this opportunity to quickly point out a few space-related things. I don’t blog on space issues nearly enough, I know, but there’s only so much Murdoc to go around. Buckethead has a mini-round-up at The Ministry of Minor Perfidy. I didn’t realize that Voyager 2 was about to exit […]

Coming Soon: Blogroll Update

A very very long-overdue update to MO’s blogroll is coming soon. I don’t do a very good job keeping up with new and new-to-me sites, and quite often I neglect to link sites that I enjoy very much. I’ve got a lot of sites in mind to add, but it you’ve got some favorites that […]

New Congressional Tagline?

WARRANTS: Not good enough for us, too good for you. Who keeps putting these loons in office? We might not get the government we deserve, but we sure get the government we ask for. (via Instapundit) UPDATE: Free Frank Warner: Just when a Democratic scandal gave the Republicans a wide open shot, Hastert kicks the […]

“This is another example of the Taliban’s vision for the future of Afghan children”

Nope. Muslim extreme fundamentalists aren’t “bad guys”. They’ve just got a different way of looking at things. A way that says torching schools to prevent education is “good”. I’ve pointed out before the campaign in Afghanistan by rebels/insurgents/terrorists to keep kids from getting an education. BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The commander of Combined Joint Task […]

At work in Ramadi

Cpl. Julius Mitchell, left, and Cpl. Jeremy Rugg, center, lay down covering fire while Cpl. Adam Gokey spots insurgent positions on his right and fires a grenade, seen traveling through the air, while on patrol in the city of Ramadi. The mission was part of the continuing support by 2nd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company […]