Month: January 2007

High Powered Assault Rifles

Assault rifles escalate violence Noticed this: The beginning of the U.S. supply chain, federally licensed importers such as Century International sell guns to licensed dealers, from whom the guns might be stolen or bought and illegally resold, authorities said. In August, one of thousands of guns the company has imported and shipped to dealers nationwide […]


Once again, the spammers are on Murdoc’s case. I think I’ve got everything cleared out, and please let me know if I’ve accidentally junked your legitimate comment. I’ve done that more than once while digging through hundreds and hundreds of spams. Also, I’ve added a small text-based CAPTCHA-type thing at the bottom of the comments […]

More V-22 Osprey

A V-22A Osprey aircraft flies over the bow of the amphibious assault ship USS WASP (LHD 1) during shipboard compatibility trials. Camera Operator: PH3 RAUL L. SOLCIDO Date Shot: 5 Dec 1990 “Date Shot: 5 Dec 1990”. Think about that. This Osprey was conducting shipboard compatibility trials while the military build-up of Operation Desert Shield […]