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Month – February 2007

You know what makes Murdoc mad?

Something that just occurred to me, though I think it’s crossed my mind before, is that most political debates leave me staunchly defending George W. Bush almost every single time. Not usually because I’m what would considered to be a “staunch defender”, but because the opposition is so outrageously…errr…outrageous. There are so many legitimate things […]

The latest “rush to war”

This was on yesterday’s front page in the Grand Rapids Press: The caption reads: Different atmosphere: Members of the 4th Stryker Brigade at Fort Lewis, Wash., prepare to go to Iraq by training in the rainy, forested terrain of the Pacific Northwest. A lot has been made of the fact that some units deploying to […]

Bullpups for Indian SF

Defense Industry Daily notes that India’s Special Forces, after a lengthy and trouble-filled initial implementation, are set to begin receiving the Tavor-21 Assault Rifle (TAR-21) into service. Tests in Israel during 2006 went well, clearing the contracted consignment for delivery. The new TAR-21s will have a ‘modified’ single-piece butt and new sights, as well as […]

Please, Louise

I can never figure out if these Gary Brecher things are real or if it’s some weird sort of Onion-ish thing, but this quote is worth noting: The kids in Iran are pissed off at the way the old Mullahs won’t let ‘em rock and roll, but the idea that they’ll support an American invasion […]

Go Joe

Instapundit notes that Joe Lieberman is a bit lonely these days. But at least he’s not struggling to come up with a position. I guess that’s the difference between knowing what you believe, and trying to figure out what will sell. That’s exactly it. I’d like to point out that Murdoc’s vote can be bought. […]

F-22A Raptor Date Lined

Lockheed’s F-22 Raptor Gets Zapped by International Date Line Via a reader: When the group of Raptors crossed over the IDL, multiple computer systems crashed on the planes. Everything from fuel subsystems, to navigation and partial communications were completely taken offline. Numerous attempts were made to “reboot” the systems to no avail. Luckily for the […]

Juan Cole informing us with his comments

Haven’t mentioned the esteemed professor from the University of Michigan for a while. On Sunday he wrote: Late Saturday, the US Air Force launched a series of bombing raids on southeast Baghdad. This is absolutely shameful, that the US is bombing from the air a civilian city that it militarily occupies. You can’t possibly do […]

20th Century anchor on a 21st Century Ship

Bush carrier to carry Independence anchor CVN-77 USS George HW Bush will use one of CV-62 USS Independence’s 30-ton anchors. The Reagan, Truman, and Stennis also reused anchors from Forrestal-class ships. (via Alert5) UPDATE: Speaking of ironworks, if they’re going to use the Independence’s anchor, they might as well use the Independence’s fighters, too: Flight […]

America is at the mall again

Well, it appears that the America is at the Mall photo has taken off a bit throughout the blogosphere. I first noted it on Thursday. Castle Argghhh! linked. Mike the Marine did the same. My buddies at Op-For then posted it (and scored an Instalanche–life and blogging are so unfair). It’s turned, predictably, into a […]