Month – October 2007

Sentry Eagle

AF pic for the day. Click for a larger version: U.S. Air Force Capt. Tony Bierenkoven, of the West Coast F-15 Eagle aircraft Demonstration Team out of Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., dismounts his aircraft after flying a practice demonstration routine for the Sentry Eagle 2007 open house at Kingsley Field , Ore., Aug. 10, […]

56th Brigade getting some Lessons Learned

Guard soldiers pass on lessons learned in Iraq The Pennsylvania National Guard’s 56th Brigade has been alerted that it could be deployed to Iraq in early 2009. The brigade, the only one in the National Guard with Strykers, is still transitioning. The troops have been training on Strykers for two years, and now it’s time […]


Time for the annual fundraiser for Project Valour-IT. Murdoc has once again been drafted by Team USAF. Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, helps provide voice-controlled and adaptive laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand wounds and other severe injuries at major military medical centers. Operating laptops […]

Sniper attacks in Iraq have not quadrupled

It appears that previous claims were just plain wrong. A story in USA Today, erm, today, includes this: In last week’s spending request, the Pentagon said sniper attacks have quadrupled in the past year and, if unchecked, the attacks could eclipse roadside bombs as the top killer of U.S. troops. However, the rate of sniper […]

The Inconvenient Truth?

They can’t handle the inconvenient truth! From the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS), Florida State University. My point here isn’t that the climate is fine or that there is no global warming or that climate change doesn’t affect tropical storms or hurricanes. My point is that the climate alarmists don’t know what the hell […]

Smoking our way to health

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Murdoc Online: A Blog of the Day

Here’s one for the virtual trophy case: Seems pretty cool. I hope I don’t have to give an acceptance speech or anything. From the site: Presentation of these awards can bring acclaim and notoriety beyond their wildest imaginings. I don’t know…I can imagine quite a bit… [ viagra alternative | viagra discussions | how to […]