Month: March 2008


Strategy Page: Five years of fighting in Iraq has killed 4,000 American troops. The first five years of fighting in Vietnam (1965-69) killed 40,258…If the casualty rates [per number of troops deployed] were the same in Iraq, there should have been 13,747 dead so far. Let’s not forget that common predictions in 2003 had us […]

RA-5C Vigilante

A three-quarter portside aerial view of an RA-5C Vigilante aircraft, Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 7 (RVAH-7) known as the “Peacemakers of the Fleet” and was assigned to the USS RANGER (CV 61) from February 21 to September 22, 1979. This photograph may show the Vigilante’s last flight, since all Vigilante aircraft were officially retired in September […]

2nd Amendment Blog Bash: Murdoc’s In

I’ve worked out my conflicts and will definitely be attending the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, in May. There’s a great lineup of bloggers planning to attend and the convention should be a good one. You don’t have to be a “gun blogger” to attend the Bash, and […]