Month – July 2008

Assault Camera Ban in the UK?

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Back to School Look

Happened to notice this on the front page of the Nike Store: Do kids really want to look like these girls? If so, why? Hey, look at me! I’m not just any dumb wasted-looking chick, mister! I’m a dumb wasted-looking chick with cool Nike gear. [ viagra order | cialis samples in canada | canada […]

The Paint Works

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Why don’t they offer to write it FOR him?

The New York TImes rejected John McCain’s opinion piece about the war which he wrote in response to Barack Obama’s piece which ran last week. But they gave him another chance, with only a few requirements: It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece. To that end, […]

Who Pays the Taxes?

Richest 5% of Americans make 36% of the income, but pay 60% of the taxes. This is something that is conveniently ignored by almost 95% of the population, most of whom cry about “tax cuts for the rich.” Via Power Line, which also points out a Wall Street Journal editorial that begins Washington is teeing […]


B-52 With 6 Airmen Crashes Off Guam At least two people were recovered from the waters, but their condition was not immediately available, the Coast Guard said. Six vessels, three helicopters, two F-15 fighter jets and a B-52 bomber were involved in the search, which had covered about 70 square miles of ocean, said Coast […]

No Mocka Obama

Instapundit: Obama is humorless, and full of himself. That would make him a great target for satire, except that his followers take the position that any mockery or criticism is racist. The prospect of four years of that sort of thing is the best reason I can think of not to vote for him. Honestly, […]

They’re Still There, He’s All Gone

U.S. troops quit remote Afghan base after attack This is not how you win: U.S. and Afghan troops have abandoned a remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan where militants killed nine American soldiers earlier this week, officials said Wednesday… NATO confirmed that the post, which lies amid precipitous mountains close to the Pakistan border, had been […]