Month – December 2008

DoD Releases Unified Command Plan 2008

DoD Release: The Department of Defense has updated the Unified Command Plan (UCP), a key strategic document that establishes the missions, responsibilities, and geographic areas of responsibility for commanders of combatant commands. Most importantly, UCP 2008, signed by President Bush on Dec. 17, codifies U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) and assigns several new missions to the […]

Dude, we got a Dell!

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Tanker Woes

This is for the existing tankers, not the KC-X: $1.1B to Boeing for KC-135 Tanker Maintenance Overturned by Court Tankers are about as non-sexy as it gets, but doom will fall upon us if they aren’t where they need to be when they need to be. [ price of cialis in canada | cialis sales […]

Surging into Afghanistan

Special ops ‘surge’ sparks debate the proposal sparked a fierce high-level debate, with special operations officers charging that [War Czar Lt Gen. Doug] Lute and his colleagues were trying to micromanage the movement of individual Special Forces A-teams from inside the Beltway, and countercharges that Special Forces has strayed from its traditional mission of raising […]

Illegal use of hands

Former Military Blogger charged with tackling Pats linebacker Junior Seau Todd Kobus, who used to blog at, was arrested for tackling Junior Seau during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game. Not only did Todd leap over a seven foot wall, but he tackled one of the toughest NFL players in the league. If you […]

No more Vikings

Last S-3 squadron arrives home Sea Control Squadron 22 is back from Iraq and the Viking is being put out to pasture. As I wrote in early 2007, I’ve never really thought that this move makes much sense. [ viagra generic | purchasing cialis | viagra non prescription | online viagra sales | viagra affect […]

Little new on Marine Hornet crash

Questions linger in deadly F/A-18 crash The cause of the fiery Dec. 8 crash is still being investigated. Military officials have depicted a chain of events in which first one engine failed on the F/A18D Hornet — and then the second quit while the pilot was attempting to reach a landing spot. Apparently not a […]


Instapundit points out an article about a family that ditched their satellite TV: You don’t need satellite TV when times get tough After a few Google searches, James said she found a wealth of legitimate sources for TV programming online. Sites such as Hulu, Fancast, Joost, YouTube, and most major TV networks’ Web sites offer […]

Civil War Saturday: Sharpshooter

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Friday Linkzookery – 19 Dec 2008

Plan would take pirate fight into Somalia Potential to chase pirates into Somali waters or even onto land? RC Helicopter with mounted .45 1911 Video and more at The Firearm Blog. Disarming Ourselves A new report warns Obama about our aging nuclear weapons. “Once You Go Black …” Don’t worry. I guess this kind of […]