Month – July 2010

Samsung ML-1210 in Windows 7

Here’s a random tech tip from Murdoc Online. If you want to use a Samsung ML-1210 (or probably any 1200 series) laser jet printer with Windows 7, go HERE and follow the instructions. We’ve got one of these things and want to use up the toner cartridge, but were having trouble getting it to work […]

Friday Linkzookery – 30 Jul 2010

Linkzookery has been MIA for a while. But it’s back. Final MC-12 deployed to USCENTCOM AOR All 30 planes from the MC-12W Liberty program deployed in only 13 months. More on the MC-12W here and here. Guns of the Enemy AKs, Dragunovs, PPSh-41s, and Khyber Pass Copies. Mystery deepens over why sailors left base This […]

Iraqi Tank Training

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Exercise Invincible Spirit

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Still Prowlin’

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On the Moon

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The Economic Crunch Hits Murdoc

Ramen noodles were four for a dollar at the store across the street. I usually stocked up when they were on sale for six or seven for a dollar, but they’ve been five for a dollar for a long time now. Then this four for a dollar nonsense. That’s twenty-five cents each. Crazy. [ canadian […]

Big Honking Sub

Was browsing the bird’s eye view of Bremerton Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility and noticed this monster: Is that the USS Triton? It appears that scrapping wasn’t completed until last November, which surprised me. She was decommissioned in 1969. [ viagra purchase | getting viagra | viagra results | buy generic viagra from india | […]