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Friday Linkzookery – 26 Sep 2008

Dems Try to Sneak Shale Oil Ban Past Voters Harry Reid attempted to pull a fast one. Obama threatening the licenses of TV stations that run NRA ads Attacking the 1st Amendment in order to attack the 2nd Amendment? Al Qaeda-linked suspects emerge in Islamabad Marriott attacks Qari Saifullah Akhtar, the leader of the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, […]

USAF Synthetic Fuel

The Air Force’s ongoing testing of coal-based synthetic fuel has been in the news more and more lately, probably due to oil prices. Today, Instapundit points out a recent Popular Mechanics story on the subject. I’ve been following this for a while, first posting on it in Working the black seam in 2005 and Coal-fired […]

Friday Linkzookery – 29 Aug 2008

Fighting intensifies in Pakistan’s Northwest If this isn’t out of control already, it’s close. U.S. to Hand Over Security Duties in Anbar to Iraqi Forces If this isn’t under control already, it’s close. We’ll see if things hold as US troops pull back. 11 headless bodies found near Mexico graveyard Why we’re not more concerned […]

Energy Transmission Woes

Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limits When the builders of the Maple Ridge Wind farm spent $320 million to put nearly 200 wind turbines in upstate New York, the idea was to get paid for producing electricity. But at times, regional electric lines have been so congested that Maple Ridge has been forced to […]

Friday Linkzookery – 22 Aug 2008

Linkzookery returns after a two-week hiatus due to technical issues and editorial laziness. A couple of older items are included. Iraq Poised to Revive Oil Contract With China So when are we, like, going to start stealing their oil and stuff? Hangin’ Up The Flight Suit Pinch is retiring from the reserves after 24 years […]