Chinese Aircraft Carrier — Revealed

It’s a building:

Namely, it is the award winning (for creative architecture) “Military Education Center” at the “Orient Green Boat After-School Camp for Youngsters.”

Located about one hour west of Shanghai, the camp was constructed at the shores of Dianshan Lake. It covers 360 hectares, and had 8 major areas: Knowledge Boulevard; Bravery and Wisdom; Education on National Defense; Challenge to Survival; Scientific Exploration; Water Sports; Sports Training; and Practice in Living. The adjoining 5000-hectare campsite and village features a Global Village, with accommodation for 4,000 students in a series of hostels, cabins, and campsites themed to reflect the experience of being in 36 different countries. Sports facilities, a golf course, parasailing, windsurfing, a simulated gun range, rides in amphibious military vehicles, museum displays, video games, aircraft, replica spacecraft, ICBMs, and a park with statues of over 160 world-famous people are also included. Think of it as a cross between summer camp, a school field trip, and a communist EPCOT Center.

The “ship” itself is of traditional steel-frame building construction, and is a generic aircraft carrier about 7/8 scale to a Nimitz. Inside are military displays, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, games, and other attractions, and on the ‘flight deck’ there are Chinese military aircraft, such as helicopters, fighters, and attack planes.

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Also noted, but with no answer to the “mystery” in today’s Register.

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