USS Ranger makes her final arrival

Decommissioned Forrestal-class aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV 61) is towed away from Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton. The Ranger is being towed to Brownsville, Texas, for dismantling. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Andre T. Richard/ Released)

USS Ranger arrives at Port of Brownsville The vessel is the second ship to be dismantled at the Rio Grande Valley’s International Shipbreaking Ltd., the first being the USS Constellation. The Ranger was towed to the Port of Brownsville from the Navy’s inactive ships maintenance facility in Bremerton, Wash. Forrestal and Saratoga have also been […]

The Most Important Thing

the most important thing happening in this country

Confederate flag down, but what happens now? Legions of people clapped, cheered and cried as South Carolina lowered the Confederate battle flag. But the euphoria of a moment that was more than a decade in the making quickly began to shift to a hard question to answer: What exactly had been accomplished for race relations […]

AT4s to Iraq

AT4 in Iraq

U.S. Sending Iraq Antitank Weapons to Thwart Militants’ Bombings The U.S. is sending Iraq’s military 1,000 antitank weapons to defend against armored vehicles jury-rigged by Islamic State into otherwise unstoppable suicide bombs like those it used to capture Ramadi. The weapons, due for delivery by mid-June under plans that already were under way, will give […]

US Navy cutting F-35C Buy

F-35C First Arrestment aboard USS Nimitz (CVN-68) on 03 November 2014. CDR Tony Wilson was flying CF-03 and LCDR Ted Dyckman was flying CF-05.

F-35Cs Cut Back As U.S. Navy Invests In Standoff Weapons The U.S. Navy has reduced its planned buys of the Lockheed Martin F-35C Joint Strike Fighter by almost one-third over the fiscal 2016-2020 Future Years Defense Program (FYDP), while committing almost $800 million to new standoff weapon developments and canceling the only missile program that […]

Brian Williams the Liar is Stepping Aside Temporarily


Brian Williams, Under Scrutiny, Will Take Leave From ‘NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams, acknowledging that the scrutiny and criticism he was attracting was becoming a distraction for his network, said on Saturday that he was stepping aside as anchor of NBC’s “Nightly News” for the next several days. In a memo to the NBC News […]